Global Office Inc. supports like-minded organizations who put protecting the environment at the top of their priority list. In the wake of the recent devastating fires in the Lake Tahoe Region, Global Office has donated to the Lake Tahoe Waterman Association, based out of Carnelian Bay.

Lake Tahoe Waterman’s mission is “To be keepers of the land and the lake, to promote ocean paddle sports education and safety on Lake Tahoe.”

On June 25th, the Lake Tahoe Waterman Competitive Outrigger Canoe team competed in the Outrigger Iron Championships, a 12-mile race in San Diego with top crews from Tahiti, Hawaii, and California. The Tahoe Waterman crews placed 6th and 34th overall out of a total of 58 crews. Lake Tahoe Waterman is currently #1 in Northern California!

Global Office’s own Devin Costa is keeping the pace for the Waterman #1 crew in seat two.

The team will race on Aug. 14th in The Whitey Harrison Classic, which runs from Dana Point Harbor to Main Beach in Laguna and back. This will be followed by the US Outrigger Championships, racing between Catalina Island & Newport Beach in September.

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Tahoe Waterman Outrigger Team