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The rapid pace and complexity of today’s business environment demand efficiency and leave little room for error. Lost or inaccessible documents can easily lead to lost opportunities, disputes – even litigation. Global Office scanning services offer an easily implemented solution to issues created by reliance on paper documents.

Digitalizing and managing your documents can mitigate or eliminate these problems. Empower your organization to access and edit documents on the fly from anywhere, adding a new level of agility to your operations and putting you in full control of your information. We offer reliable, high-volume document scanning services for businesses, educational organizations, government entities, and NGOs.

Global Office offers a timely, reliable, and secure document scanning service. We handle projects ranging from small office jobs to major back-file conversions. Our scanning service delivers results that help your organization resolve issues related to current and archival documents, giving you the confidence that your documents are secure and accessible when needed.

We can assist with a scanning project using your existing document management strategy or implement a new document management program.


Resolve Storage, Access & Compliance Issues

  • Convenient, Affordable & Secure Services
  • Accurate indexing and OCR of documents for quick and easy retrieval
  • Data Security with encryption and enhanced password protection
  • Trained and HIPAA-certified scanning staff
  • Proven Quality Control Procedures
  • On & Offsite Services
  • Accurate Indexing
  • Archival Preservation
  • Legal Document Scanning
  • Permanent Record Retention
Searching for Paper Files

Reduce/eliminate time wasted searching for paper files.

Scanning Services

Digitizing Paper Documents

• Supports Sustainability Efforts
• Provides Protection Against Document Loss
• Promotes Document Sharing & Collaboration
• Supports Disaster Recover & Business Continuity

Service Includes:

• Project Estimates
• Professional Planning
• Secure Pickup & Return
• Prep Work
• Indexing
• Quality Control

• Documents
• Large Format
• Microfilm
• Microfiche
• Books


Businesses thrive on efficient, seamless operations. Global Office scanning services are designed to transform your document management processes, enabling you to quickly digitize, store, and access important documents. Our secure, compliant solutions protect sensitive business information and support your disaster recovery plans. Our expert team delivers tailored scanning services for your business.


Government offices require reliable, efficient, and secure document management solutions to handle sensitive information. We offer specialized scanning services tailored to meet the unique needs of governmental bodies. Global Office solutions ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, enhance data security and improve accessibility to critical documents. They streamline operations, reduce physical storage needs, and support transparency initiatives.


For educators, efficient document management is vital for managing student records, administrative files, and academic materials. Global scanning services give educational institutions the tools to digitize and organize paper documents. Our solutions enhance data accessibility, streamline administrative workflows, and reduce physical storage requirements. By ensuring that important information is easily retrievable and securely stored, we support educational institutions in maintaining compliance, protecting student privacy, and improving operational efficiency. 

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