As the owners of Global Office, Steve, Ken and myself believe we have a responsibility in helping the communities we serve.

Since SIP began, Global has scaled back our in-person service and deliveries. We are repurposing our resources to transport food directly to local hospitals that have an urgent need to feed their staff who are working around the clock. Since putting feelers out in the community, we have received several requests from doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics & regional centers to help feed the front line workers during the pandemic. We’ve already forged partnerships with several local restaurants and businesses such as The Melt, Tony’s Slice House, Kinders BBQ & Best Coast Burritos. The list of local restaurants and hospitals partnering with Global Office to help feed our front line workers is growing daily.

“…As a COVID Floor nurse, we have been seeing and saving ample individuals coming in for COVID. Although we are happy about this, it does take increased work hours & hard work leading to empty stomachs. It’s hard to grab food for lunch as 1. There is no time & 2. everything around us is closed. We heard you are helping to support healthcare workers through food. We would love for you to donate if you are able. Anything helps.”

Messages like this have motivated myself, Steve and Ken to do everything we can to help support our front line healthcare workers and local restaurants.

We have an immediate need to feed over 2500 front line workers. A modest donation of $5 -$10 will provide one meal to a front line worker and also support our local restaurants whose businesses are suffering right now.

Anthony Bishop – Director / COO

If you would like to contribute:

GoFund Me Page