Tahoe Waterman Boat Sponsored by Global Office Inc.

Global Office Inc. supports like-minded organizations who put protecting the environment at the top of their priority list. In the wake of the recent devastating fires in the Lake Tahoe Region, Global Office has donated to the Lake Tahoe Waterman Association, based out of Carnelian Bay.

The Lake Tahoe Waterman Competitive Outrigger Canoe team had a highly successful showing in the Catalina Channel Crossing – US Outrigger Championships. Tahoe Waterman placed 5th overall in the open division, competing against 48 elite US and international teams.

The team’s two goals were to be the top Northern California crew, and in the top 10 overall.  Both were achieved. 

The course of the race was changed due to Tropical storm Kay. Instead of running from Catalina Island to Newport Harbor as is traditional, it began at the Newport Harbor entrance and made a 23-mile triangle.

Global Office’s Devin Costa, a race participant, commented:

“This year’s Catalina Outrigger Canoe race was special. We all agreed on the goals of being the top Northern California team and finishing in the top 10 at Catalina. Everyone knew we had to train throughout the winter to prepare for the 2022 season. We all committed to training hard, even paddling on Lake Tahoe when the weather permitted. The entire team went all out, which paid off.
This year’s race was one I will never forget because I got to race with my son, Aiden. He only began paddling this year, putting 110% effort into his training and making the first crew. Experiencing this demanding race, working so hard with him, and seeing him do so well is something I will never forget.”

Global Office is a proud sponsor of the Tahoe Waterman outrigger team. Congratulations on a stellar racing season in 2022.